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joint Family Issue rented house joint Family Issue rented house

Family »Posted 16 Jun 2018 Post Answer

legal question Dear Sir / Mam !

have an issue in my family with my wife she filed a case against me about separate home and an monthly amount i am an government employee with very low salary and having loan from bank i am living in an joint family i am the eldest one my mother she is a widow i have 2 sister and brother my one of my sister is married and her husband is jobless and not paying my sister anything nor his children having 4 kids age from 9 years the eldest i have 3 kids similar age i cannot throw my mother with my sisters and brother because of my wife demand as she files a case and my 2 months salary is also stopped i am the one paying rent of my house where we all live including my wife and children as per gov only if my wife withdraw the case the only my amount will be released i only ask an question what about my mother and sister brother if i agree to give her separate home where they will go there is no law and rights for mother please contact me i really need help to sort out this issue

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