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cancellation of vacation because of negligence cancellation of vacation because of negligence

ANY »Posted 13 Jul 2015 Post Answer

legal question I am a South African citizen and currently living in Bahrain. I planned a UK/Europe vacation through a travel agent from UK. I applied for my UK visa which got denied, I had to pay extra to change my flight, because I got mu schengan visa approved for Europe. The travel agent booked my changed flight after knowing that I did not have a UK visa, Bahrain - Heathrow- Amsterdam. I had to pay extra to get all my flights changed. I had to board my flight today at 1:25 am. I went through customs at Bahrain airport, British airways, got through waited at the gate when they informed me South Africans needed a in transit visa when in London. I couldn\'t get on the flight. My vacation is only 10 days and losing one day makes a huge difference. Seeing that I already had to change my flight and have extra costs added, knowing that I did not have a UK visa, flight centre still booked me a flight through London. The traveling company now says that its not their responsibility for the visas and they\'re not liable but seeing that they already knew about my UK visa being rejected. I want a full refund for my trip I have all the emails with the information.
Any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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