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We do optimize the lawyer/law firm profile in PathLegal website. A lawyer should have an attractive profile in place in terms of specialization, experience, logo, review, image, website, GMap location, etc as it would attract customers with its realistic
Pathlegal premier membership will list your profile top in the pathlegal lawyer/law firm search category and automatically answer the questions belongs to your city with your phone number and email id.
Analyse your business in deep and suggest the respective targeted search keywords. These keywords are the base of your search engine performance where clients will be reaching you through these keywords from the search engines.
We do design a basic logo for your business and integrate with your website.
Analyse your business and its scope, suggest domain(website) names which can boost your brand and accordingly proceed with the domain purchase.
We do create a website using our given templates, add the basic contents into the site and make it LIVE. If you already have a website then we will proceed with the optimization part and which will be more time consuming process as compared.
We do optimize the website as per the search engine guideline and it’s called On page SEO. The website optimization will be easy if you have purchased the website from PathLegal as our templates are well optimized, else it will be a time consuming effort
Google analytics is a report generating tool to analyse the performance of your website in real world. It provides real-time and historical data such as the current number of visitors and past. Google Webmaster Tools is a free of charge web service by
A sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content. Sitemap is not needed for a small website having a few numbers of pages.
Google/Bing Map integration gives information to the visitors about your location of the business. This is a crucial element for your business growth as it would list your profile in the respective local search category with respect your specialization gi
This would allow customers to book & manage appointment from your website.
Social media is the newest information source of the people unlike traditional way like newspaper, it is real-time and speedy source of news or other entertainment. So it is mandatory to have a social media page for your business or service. We do create
There are many directories which would list lawyers & law firms profile. We would add your profile into those directories and clients can connect you from those directories. For example, , , etc.
There are many local ads websites would list lawyers & law firms. We would add your profile into those directories and clients can connect you from those websites. For example, , , etc.
This is an important activity would be carried out on daily base for certain number of hours to bring your profile top in the Google/Bing/Yahoo search, where we will be actively involved with different content writing and publishing. Directory Listing B
This is also an on-going effort to be carried out on daily base to boost your brand in the internet world and bring clients from different Social Medias.
Reviews are very important for a lawyer or law firm. We do help lawyers to create and manage the reviews for their profile.
There are many websites where people ask their legal questions before proceeding with a lawyer, PathLegal lawyer panel would answer those questions on behalf of you and channelize the clients from there if it’s relevant to you.
Participate in different paid campaigns by Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Other local directories in an economic way according to your country law. We are expertise in optimizing your ads according to your budget, specialization and region of practice, which
Our content writers are skilled lawyers in different legal subjects capable enough to handle laws from different countries. We would write legal blogs/articles for your firm in different forums which would attract users to your business.
We can assure your business will be open for 24/7, so that you will not lose a single client when you are off to work . We can connect with your clients via phone, email & chat during your off hours and transfer the clients to you.
We can take care of your legal drafting works with the most economical way. You can outsource your drafting work to us, our legal drafting experts can deliver the quality work on time at your desk. You just focus on your clients, we have all legal subject
We can setup your office anywhere in the world with fully functional. Offshore Law office setup & management. Legal Process Outsourcing
We can easily connect with corporate clients from world wide and recommend your profile to them. We can visit the potential clients for you and negotiate with them. Use our marketing expertise and build your network.
Note:- Some of the branding work may not be supported as per your law of the land.

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