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Which Degree Is Better; LLB Or MBBS? Which Degree Is Better; LLB Or MBBS?

Bronze medal Reporter Adv Rose Posted 8 May 2020
Which Degree Is Better; LLB Or MBBS?

There has a huge number of different courses available all over the world. Each and every course is good, beneficial, and advantageous in its own way and its own space. Each course builds up a student what he/she wants to become. LLB and MBBS are said to one of the topmost professional degrees. These degrees make certified professionals. No degree is more or less. Each degree has its own respect. Doctors and lawyers are called to be the commonly family-based professions. Any degree can help to make a man perfect professional. So it is your right which degree to be chosen for achieving your goals and dreams. If you become a doctor or lawyer, your duty will be only to serve society. That’s why these professions are said to be respectful professions all over the world.

There are people who take up multiple degrees. Someone after completing MBBS will pursue LLB and vice versa. Such opportunities are available in every country. You can pursue a double degree, a triple degree, etc as you wish. But this may due to their inefficiency in taking the right decision. It is better to choose one field and become an expert in it. It is also noted that some people are extra genius to work with multiple fields. There is no bound for education to anyone in this world.

It is a fact that a normal doctor's work only has an immediate impact on only one human at a time, while a lawyer's work will more often than not have an impact on multiple persons at a time. Also, doctors have power about life and death. Lawyers deal mostly with money and the ultimate power lies with judges anyway. Some of the doctors work in research and so their work then also impacts more people's lives than a lawyer's. Getting a cure for some chronic disease will always help more people than winning the biggest of class actions ever could.

Both professions are getting paid well; one gets criminals off, the other saves lives. A lawyer’s job is to win cases. Sometimes it involves winning cases for the criminal and not the victim. A doctor works long hours. For example, a surgeon, have to stand on his/her feet for extremely long periods of time. Both professions have their own dedication and so the prestigious given to both of them will vary.

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