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What Are The Difficulties Faced By Lawyers? What Are The Difficulties Faced By Lawyers?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 16 Jun 2020
What Are The Difficulties Faced By Lawyers?

Lawyers do not have smooth path paved and they need to struggle in order to gain success in their career . The are ups and downs in the legal career . Be an experienced lawyer or just passed law graduate , both have their difficulties .

Difficulties Faced

  • Demanding hours – Work to be completed within expected time is rare. Lawyers do not get time for their normal and personal life . Longer working hours and hardwork have become common amongst legal professionals. Increase in workloads calls in for more hours into work. The delicate balance between professional and personal life is hard to be maintained with the time consumed more into work.
  • Stress unasked but comes along – Stress comes along with the work though not needed . When the lawyer has to meet deadlines , trying to reach the expectations of clients’, pressure from work and to keep themselves updated with constantly changing laws and other demands as a lawyer , stress and tension accompanies all these and sleepless nights.
  • Conscious clients – Clients have become very conscious about spending for legal services and so lawyers have to keep rates reasonable. Clients’ try not to approach a lawyer unless their matter requires to take off legally . Clients try to have matters settled by peaceful talk .
  • Changing times – Earlier, clients would come to a lawyer when a minute matter is to be resolved. Now with changing times , they come to know that small matters can be resolved easily and need not depend on a lawyer unless the matter rises into a big issue  and then resort to legal help .
  • Law practice changes with intervention of technology – With technology , lawyers have to be proficient in various softwares so as to keep up with the competition. Many jobs of lawyers are taken up by technology and done in an efficient manner .
  • Competition on – To keep up with the competition , lawyers have to catch up along and keep going in the same spirit . Stress and work demands affects the lawyers and discourages many . Lawyers need to find de-stressing methods and keep going on.
  • Not all clients are easy – Clients can be demanding , high expectations , choosy , arrogant , know everything and difficult to tackle . Lawyers may have a difficult time dealing with them and need to be tolerant .


Career as a lawyer can be difficult but  can be rewarding too.                  

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