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Types Of Clients Approaching A Lawyer Types Of Clients Approaching A Lawyer

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 9 Jun 2020
Types Of Clients Approaching A Lawyer

As lawyers ,we tend to get different types of clients and accordingly , lawyers need to conduct themselves well towards their clients . It is on a day-to-day basis and can prove to be a challenge to make new clients satisfied that the clients had made a good choice. To make better impression of the services provided by lawyers and also the in order for the case of the new client to be dealt , it would be requiring an excellent preparation .

Kinds Of Clients  

  • Clients who are new to field of law – Such clients may not have an experience with lawyers and might have some fear . Lawyers need to be patient with such clients and explain the legal procedure and all related matters in detail in understandable and simple manner. These clients may have doubts and questions which may provide lawyers another angle to think about which can prove beneficial for the case.
  • Clients who are experienced with lawyers – These clients know the their case very well , used to the legal terms , know legal process and may even try telling you how to deal with their case . Even if they say how to deal their case , ultimately as a lawyer , you need to bring the end expected result .In such situations , you need to make them trust you and your experience in legal field.
  • Clients who are prepared to achieve the expected result in any manner- Such clients are ever ready to go whichever manner to get the ultimate expected result  and do not mind the roads taken to achieve the result . They are just bothered about the end result to be same as their expectation. These clients cannot be retained as it would be difficult to manage them since these clients prefer to go out of the way , even illegally ,to achieve results . A lawyer has to ensure that the path taken to deal with the case is legal and right one .
  • Clients who tend to know everything and anything – Clients of this type can doubt your decisions when dealing with their case or may question you about the way you are proceeding legally . They even can persuade you to do according to how they want and it would be like they know everything which can be a challenging part for the lawyer. But as a lawyer , letting them know in an effective manner that you can handle the case in a better way and that you can help them through the legal procedures efficiently and effectively.


Different types of clients may approach a lawyer but a lawyer has to choose the right and legal path to handle their cases .

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