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Tips For Winning Argument In A Case Tips For Winning Argument In A Case

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 11 Jun 2020
Tips For Winning Argument In A Case

There are things to be improved when preparing a case like arguing in courtroom related to a case. Organised and good research work done on the case are basis for winning case arguments.

To Win An Argument

  • Do a through case research and homework – This is necessary as this forms the base . While researching , ensure loopholes are not there nor can be easily found out which can make u lose your case especially if your opponent is sharp then the loophole can be detected and use the same . So go through your case over and over again to make sure that loopholes are not there.
  • Gather solid facts – This can help in enhancing the effectiveness of your arguments regarding the case. Solid facts cannot be ignored and are significant to the case.
  • Be calm and alert – Do not lose control over your emotions like anger . You need to be calm and alert . Listen to the proceedings with alertness . Listening and being attentive is important as this can give you points to question or ponder on for arguing effectively. Your opponent may try to lead you off the case by distracting you . Do not fall for such distractions.
  • Understand your opponent – By listening attentively , you get to know your opponent . You get to learn the strengths and weaknesses which you can use in your arguments . In that passion of arguing , they may even let out points and on knowing immediately , may cover up . By being alert , you can use those points.
  • Do not argue for the sake of arguing – Always argue when you have a strong point . Arguing for the sake of arguing can let down your case.
  • Right questions to be asked – Use logic and ask the right questions which can help you to be a step ahead or alongside your opponent . Ask such questions which can cause your opponent to think about what to answer , be doubtful or search for the answer. So being alert and attentive can make you ask right questions at the right time.
  • Always make it a point that the issue is being argued upon – Do not lose focus of the issue while arguing and be personal. Also, do not let your opponent make personal attacks on you.


It is pertinent to note that you need to give due respect, be respectful and use words in a respectful manner in courtroom .

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