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Tips For Lawyers On How To Write A Legal Article Tips For Lawyers On How To Write A Legal Article

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 19 May 2020
Tips For Lawyers On How To Write A Legal Article

Legal articles are a better way to make people aware of different aspects of law . Also, such articles are a way to stress on points about a certain topic , explain about various laws and legal topics Writing is also a mode of expression and writing an article is a herculean task and not an instant one.

 It takes hours and hours to draft an article after researching , get related cases and get the crux of the issue . Then get the reviews and rectify the needed and last but not the least , publish the final draft. But while writing a legal article, there are certain things that we need to keep in mind.

What Are The Tips For Writing A Legal Article?

  • First , decide the audience – This is important as  article can be written depending on the audience , the words in the article also differs like for instance if we writing a legal article for general public then the article should be simple and easy to read . Also, if legal terms are used then explanation for the term and examples have to be provided which helps in making the article understandable and reader-friendly . It is good to write legal articles which can make the public aware of the laws and rights .While writing article for those in the legal field then you can write with legal terms .
  • Title of the article – The title should be about what the main topic of the article is about and it should be precise , concise, simple, meaningful and catchy.
  • Summary of your article – The summary should be about what the article is all about with reasonable questions asked in it making the reader curious to know more about the article which makes them to read the article .
  • The presentation is crucial – It is significant that the beginning or the presentation of the article has to be attention-worthy . The presentation gives the reader the impression that the article is worth reading and is a good one. This impression would be a lasting one.
  • Attractive and related images- The images used for the article has to be attractive and relevant to the topic. Unrelated images does not make the article attractive and would not be read mostly even if the article is a very good one .
  • Style of writing – The style of writing has to be with questions,  give related quotes by famous personalities , catchy sub-titles and images , concise sentences with simple words.
  • How long should the legal article be ? – That is important . The length of a legal article should as that of a normal article and do not write too long which can make the reader bored or tired . Write only sufficiently and what is required. Do not go overboard writing the article.


Writing articles according to the needs of the reader and the audience is important.

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