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Salary Delay: Need advise on how to get the pending wages.Salary Delay: Need advise on how to get the pending wages.

ANY »Posted 18 Aug 2020 Post Answer

legal question Dear All, I am an expat working in a construction company as HR assistant. My last 4 months salary is pending and its not only for me. Some of the employees salaries are pending up to 7 months. The old management left the company and new person has took over the company as its CEO. He is now trying to introduce a new system. Without clearing our salary dues, he has asked all the employees to sign the salary slip for the latest month. For example, he has informed all the employees that the salaries will be paid every month, but we have to sign for the latest month. The old balance will be treated as companies dept. But i personally feel that if i sign the salary slip for the latest month, i may not get paid the 4 months pending wages. Can you please help me and let me know if this rule is as per the Bahrain Labor law. What steps we have to take in order to get our pending wages. Please help.

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