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Reasons For Changing Lawyer By A Client Reasons For Changing Lawyer By A Client

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 26 Apr 2020
Reasons For Changing Lawyer By A Client

Clients have a great importance in the career of a lawyer. So when a client approaches a  lawyer and hires the lawyer only when a mutual trust is built. On this basis , the clients tend to stick with the same lawyer and even becomes a regular client and brings in potential clients too.

Reasons For Changing A Lawyer

Many a times, clients do tend to change lawyers . There can be many reasons for clients to hire a new lawyer .But let us see a few of such reasons:

  1. When the mutual trust between the lawyer and client breaks – The relationship between a lawyer and client is based on this mutual trust . Clients share sensitive information to the lawyer concerning a case . They prefer to have their information confidential .Also , if client feels the lawyer is deceiving , then again clients prefer to hire a new lawyer.
  2. When the case does not progress – When a point comes in the case that it is still in the same state and not progressing .On asking the lawyer the reason , the lawyer may divert the question. But the client is giving the amount charged by the lawyer and still the case does not move ahead and is stuck , the client would look for another lawyer.
  3. No proper communication of the legal proceedings – When the lawyer detest from explaining the legal proceedings going on and does not care to do so , the client has no idea as to where the case is going and as if the case has lost way . This attitude of the lawyer makes a client uninterested in proceeding the case with the lawyer and like to have a different lawyer to tackle the case.
  4. The lawyer has not strategized anything for the case – Seeing that the lawyer is unprepared and has not made any plans or strategies for the case , the client is very likely to move to another lawyer for better service. Also, the plans made by lawyer for the case do not seem logical and workable , then also the client would go for a better lawyer .
  5. No proper updation about case to the client or answer queries – When the client sees that the lawyer does not answer the calls or reply to e-mails nor update as to what is happening regarding the case . When such a reaction is experienced by the client , the client then requires a better and efficient lawyer.


Lawyers have to maintain the mutual trust between them and the clients.

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