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Notice to end tenancy due to PandemicNotice to end tenancy due to Pandemic

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legal question I am a U.K citizen who in December 2018 took out a tenancy agreement for 12 months at Reef Island. In December 2019 this agreement was automatically renewed without me signing a new tenancy agreement for 12 months

On the March 8th 2020, the KSA MOH instructed all employees living in Bahrain to return to KSA before the Causeway closed that evening. I duly obliged. I have been living in Al Khobar since March 8th 2020 and paying rent.

On 9th March 2020, I gave a month's notice to Reef Island citing the Diplomatic clause within my tenancy agreement and the pandemic (force majeure) as the reason for my return to KSA and notice having to be invoked.

This notice ended on 9th April 2020 by which time I heard nothing from Reef.

On April 16th 2020 Reef management emailed to make a patronizing statement that I should have worked from home in Bahrain and that I needed to provide evidence of my CPR being cancelled to invoke the Diplomatic clause.

I stated on April 16th 2020 that I did not have nor had a CPR. I had to return to KSA due to the bilateral agreement between Bahrain / KSA to close the Causeway .and only Bahrain citizens or those with a CPR would be allowed a one time entry to their home country.

I am a UK citizen, have no CPR only a KSA Iquama and therefore, residing in the only country I can.

On April 23 2020 Reef management informed me that the Diplomatic Clause did not apply and that I had to pay rent for the apartment I was unable to live in until November 2020.I immediately (April 23rd 2020) informed Reef that due to the Pandemic (Force Majeure) I could not return to Bahrain. I went on to state that I had given a month' notice and would not be paying any rent beyond the period 1st to 8th April 2020 (which should be deducted from the deposit they owe me). I also informed Reef that they had received my apartment key and that I wished for my former cleaner to collect my few remaining items from my apartment. They ignored this request.

I need legal advice on:
1. Ending my tenancy agreement with a month's notice due to the Pandemic (force majeure) as stated within my tenancy agreement.
2. Arranging to collect my belongings from the apartment by my former cleaner.

Kind regards

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