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Money dispute - Indemnity caseMoney dispute - Indemnity case

Labor »Posted 13 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question I've filed case against my ex-employer (Bahrain) for my indemnity and EOS. Lower court give verdict in my favour and around 40% of total money which i claimed. Then case transferred to high court and case was again in my favor with same amount. It means, employer has to pay me around 40% only of total amount. This verdict came 3months before and my lawyer was keep saying that till now he didn't get full judgment so he doesn't know the actual amount. And now he is saying the amount is same which judge wrote in verdict means 40% of the amount. I've all proofs where my employer said that they have to pay me full amount.
Now pls guide me what should i do. My lawyer is saying that we can't do anything, this is the final decision. Which means, i won the case but actually i lose. Can i challenge this decision?

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