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Likes And Dislikes Of A Lawyer About Their Legal Career Likes And Dislikes Of A Lawyer About Their Legal Career

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 5 Jun 2020
Likes And Dislikes Of A Lawyer About Their Legal Career

The life of a lawyer is not a bed of roses and to be successful , it does require dedication , determination and hardwork.  To attain success, they indeed need to go through struggles which can even take a toll on their health and peace of mind. There are advantages and disadvantages about being a lawyer .

What A Lawyer Likes About Their Career?

  • Meeting new clients and guide them through the legal procedure – Each client approaches the lawyer daily with new and different cases which poses a challenge to lawyers in intellectual terms . Making strategies when dealing with a case to attain an expected result. Also clients can come up with out of the box projects which may not be thought of and the lawyers have to help their clients have an overview of the legal aspects of the project which helps in learning new things .
  • Career options are more – You can either be an entrepreneur after graduating law if being an entrepreneur is your area of interest, work in a law firm , be a freelance lawyer , work in multi-national companies , work in the private as well as public sector, specialize in any of the different areas of law .
  • Earn more – Initial struggles may be there but then later on , with gain in work experience , knowledge and skills , you tend to earn more amount of money . But then , earning more also depends on work too .  
  • Changing career as an Attorney  is possible – If , after being  an Attorney , you tend to be dissatisfied then you can switch to other legal careers like being a legal consultant or in the area of banking , legal writer and so on.

What A Lawyer Dislikes About Their Career ?

  • Anxiety and stress are high – Numerous works undertaken by the lawyer has its deadlines too and in order to strive for the completion of the work before the deadline, takes sleepless days , high stress and tension so that the lawyer can achieve the result as expected by the client. This stress and pressure can take a toll on the health of the lawyer.
  • Sometimes the person though uninterested , study law – The basic reason is that to have a stable career , individuals who are not really interested in legal field still go and study law. It is not the problem of having no aim in life but to have a respectful career and other reasons.
  • Clients can be difficult – Many a times , clients can be demanding , with high expectations which may or may not be possible to be fulfilled, last minute demands or matters to be attended to , clients may not appreciate the work done and there are times when clients do avoid giving the amount for the services provided by the lawyer.
  • Work on a daily basis can be monotonous – Each day as a lawyer , you need to do research , draft legal documents , read books on law, prepare cases and so on.


It is fine to say no career is free of disadvantages and so the legal career also has its demerits as well as advanatages.

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