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Legal actions on the Whats up group post about a private school fee paLegal actions on the Whats up group post about a private school fee pa

ANY »Posted 7 Jul 2020 Post Answer

legal question Basically Kids are not studying and they are not able to get the quantity and quality of teaching and they r not able to learn the necessary information unless untill the parents teach them. This situation what is the purpose of teaching by School afterall we are paying the fee as same as earlier and still the idiots business magnets issued circular stating they are under financial issue. They are hurting and insulting the parents by issuing such a rediculous circular.

I have posted above message in one of the what's up group for a private school regarding the school fee on a circular issued by same school. School Principal talked to me over phone and instructed me to provide apology in group and send email too. I said I will send email and I already did exit from the group, can't do any message in group. As mentioned, I sent email apology and she replied saying she want to see the whats up group aplogy also from me. I replied that i did everything and no more communications regarding this. But she is not happy, replied again saying to post apology in group within 7 days otherwise they will go for legal actions against me.

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