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I have been cheated.....I have been cheated.....

Labor »Posted 16 Jul 2018 Post Answer

legal question Hi

I am male, 32, Indian.
Came to Bahrain on 18th May 2018, with the reference of uncle\\\\\\\'s friend in India.
I was told it is an International Multi Cusine Restaurant, and for the post of supervisor or receptionist or cashier.
But after arriving I was asked to work as a waiter for few days so that I can understand the things. But now even after this many days passed away they never change my duty. And rahter the job profile of a waiter here is worst cause here as a waiter you are responsible for cleaning the toilets along with your dining areas responsibility where as in other restaurants we have different cleaning staff for this. over here v
Secondly it is not a International Restaurant as I was told its just a normal multi cusine Restaurant and mutli cusine too, just for the name sake without the standard recipe.
Now the salary I was told is 160 BHD along with food and accommodation but they are paying me only 150 BHD
Third thing is the duty time is against the Bahrain law
We are forced to do a duty of 12 hours per day without any weekly or monthly leave niether we are paid over time for that.

Now the thing is I want to leave this job and go back to home country
And I wanna claim all my expenses like medical expenses in india, mumbai to bahrain travelling expenses and the rightful salary of mine along with overtime and the return ticket.
And the main part is we dont have any agreement or offer letter or any kind of contract.
I just have 2 whatsapp audios one in which they told me its an international Multi Cusine Restaurant and second in which they told my salary would be 160.
No other evidence I have
Duty time is punched manually in a old register.

Will you please advise me, will it be worth legally approaching for my rights
Or any advice.

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