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How to file an Harassment and Defamation suitHow to file an Harassment and Defamation suit

Civil »Posted 11 May 2015 Post Answer

legal question My name is Ms. Uththra Sridharan, I am a business owner in Qatar and Bahrain.

My office in Qatar hired a woman staff (of Indian Nationality) under work-business visa and she was working with us for 3 months under probation. On April 28th 2015, she suddenly resigned her job and requested to be relieved immediately and we readily accepted it. We asked her to leave the country within 24 hours and said we will book her tickets back to India the next day so that she can pack and leave. She requested us 3 more days time as she was preparing to go to Bahrain and her visa was under process. We readily obliged. On April 30th 2015, she moved out of the company accommodation and went to stay on her own.

From the night of April 28th 2015, she started harassing me (partner & director of the company)over whatsapp, as well started contacting our friends on FB messages and harassed them also. She kept continuing this till May 2nd and on May 2nd, she set out a nasty email with copy to all my co-directors and top management staffs defaming and blaming me for the reason of her resignation. I reply back professionally stating the true facts that took place and requested her not to communicate with any of us any more. On May 3rd 2015, she has replied to my email in an even nastier way. I feel really insulted and she's also defaming the company by spreading false info into the market. Last night (3rd May 2015) she decided to leave to Bahrain on her own, and requested us Exit permit which also we readily gave. She's presently in Bahrain in Visit visa. I am a resident of Bahrain and also have my business registered in Bahrain in which I am a partner too.

I would like to file a defamation and harassment case against her on behalf of the company, my colleagues and myself personally, and want her deported to India immediately because that's where she came to Qatar under our sponsorship. She has also carried away lot of confidential information about the company with her. Please help me to file a suit against her in Bahrain (where she currently is) and deport her back to India as her parents are also waiting for her.

Please guide me on how to go about this.

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