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How Important Is A Witness In A Case? How Important Is A Witness In A Case?

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 24 Apr 2020
How Important Is A Witness In A Case?

When you are a witness in a certain case , you have an important role in the case proceedings and also in assisting in bringing out the truth in the case . The witness is not a party to the case . Still , it is seen that the witness takes all the trouble to come to court to help the court in deciding the case by saying the truth .

It is always required of a witness to say the truth whatever the matter be  and has to assist the law to deliver fair and just justice.

Being a witness, you may not know the courtroom procedures. So the respective lawyer asks as to what you know about the case and and details you about procedures inside court .  It is also needed of a witness to cooperate or else there can be consequences for not doing so , especially in criminal cases.

Also, you need to have all your electronic devices including your cell phones switched off inside courtroom .

As per procedure , witness has to swear an oath . As  a witness to a case , you need to be attentive and alert as to the ongoing proceedings in courtroom. Only then , you are able to give appropriate answers to the questions asked to you. Do not rush or get scared . Take time and answer . But whatever you say has to be the truth.

When a question is being asked to you and you do not seem to understand then you can always ask the lawyer to repeat the question . Guessing the question when you do not understand and answering it does not lead anywhere.

Answer only what you know . Do not add anything extra or erase any of the truth . It is always better to answer the truth instead of making up answers . Also, as a witness you might feel scared and think you may forget everything. Just relax.

There may be situations when you may become angry but resist it . Do remember not lose your cool in court whatever be.

In case you do not know the answer to a question which is being asked to you , then do not make or add anything to the testimony . You just need to answer only what you know. If you forgot the answer , just say the truth that you forgot.

Most importantly , you are required to dress in a conservative and in an appropriate manner. Being polite and calm are other factors to remember .

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