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HSBC Bahrain charges me with fraud transactions on a stolen credit carHSBC Bahrain charges me with fraud transactions on a stolen credit car

Banking »Posted 15 Dec 2019 Post Answer

legal question On Saturday, 08.06.2019 my wallet had been stolen in Paris , France at “Gare du nord” at approx. 11 am local time. The wallet contained cash, my Visa HSBC Platinum credit card and several other cards.
Immediately we went to the Police station in the train station ( please see report attached ) and report the theft. After my return back home to Austria, on Monday 10.06.2019 I contacted HSBC immediately to report the stolen card. No transaction after June 8th, 2019 was authorized from my side.

The following facts shall be clarified from HSBC Bahrain to me please:

1. Evidence for transactions / copy pf sales receipts
As per my HSBC statement from 16.06.2019, HSBC is demanding BHD 4161 from my self. How can I know that it is not charged BHD 5000, or BHD 20000 or BHD 200 only ? In addition I want to know what has been done with that transactions. Were air tickets, or hotel rooms or furniture or food or or or or ……bought ? Please provide me with copies of the point of sales receipts with my signature on it.

2. Credit limit exceeded
My credit limit on the credit card was BHD 3500. How is it possible that BHD 4161 were charged ?

3. Limitation of liability to USD 50 for customers
International credit card companies such as VISA follow “ The Fair Credit Billing Act” which guarantees that consumers are only liable for up to USD 50 in fraudulent charges. In addition major credit card companies offer “ zero liability “ policies, so the consumer does not have to pay for any fraud.

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