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Full and Final Settlement for workers due to closure of businessFull and Final Settlement for workers due to closure of business

Labor »Posted 4 Nov 2019 Post Answer

legal question We need to wind-up operations in Bahrain due to losses incurred since 2017.
1. What are the particulars which should be included for the full and final settlement for all the workers?
2. Can we get any exemptions in the full and final settlement of workers?
3. Should we notify any office of labor or ministry, that we are closing the business because of incurring loss and cannot operate any further?
4. Can we calculate the accrued eligible leave balance settlement on basic salary or do we need to calculate on full (net) salary?
5. Can notice period be working notice period or should company serve working notice period of one month and pay additional one month notice period?
6. Can company get exemption in paying additional bonus as referred in Article 110 & 111 of Labour Law?
Appreciate if you could help us with a detailed response.
Thx, Mohammed

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