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Custody of my childrenCustody of my children

Family »Posted 6 Aug 2019 Post Answer

legal question I have 2 boys from my first marraige whose custody is on my name at present because I had taken divorce from my first wife. I got married again and I'm living with my second wife separately but my kids are staying at my father's house and when I asked my kids whether they want to stay with me or not, they said that they want me alone back in my father's house but they will not come and live with me and my second wife. Now my father wants me to transfer the custody of my kids to his name and also he has mine and my wife's documents which they are not giving back to me and asking me to first transfer the custody. I also they have had put a case on me 2 years ago to transfer the custody and pay them money but the judge did not agree as the kids were still on my custody. What decision should I take in this situation if I want to transfer the custody on my father's name and not pay them any money because they are ready to give the documents but I cannot trust them that even if I transfer the custody to his name they will ask me to pay money?

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