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Case of Employee HarassmentCase of Employee Harassment

Labor »Posted 16 Sep 2020 Post Answer

legal question Greetings!
I'm writing on behalf of my husband:
'I have been an employee in a company and wish to file a case for employee harassment,  incorrect information and deceit. At the time of joining I've signed an offer letter in which I was asked to join on or before 15th March 2020. After this , for more than a month I was given excuses of Visa process and their branch still under process of opening. If this was the case why was I rushed into resigning from my previous job and made to stay without income for almost 2 months? Finally I was called on the 12th May 2020 as first day of work. In the course of my work, I was dissatisfied and resigned in my probation period (65 days after joining). My final settlement was calculated to me, but the leave balance pay was not added to it. When I questioned them on it, they mentioned the leave pay is not given if the employee exits during probation period. I took the matter through Ministry of Labour where they were found to be wrong and after that they have included it in their new document. In the new final settlement they have also added another payment of 'gratuity' which wasn't included on the initial document. If I wouldn't have taken up the matter with the Ministry, I would just be cheated into receiving less than I'm entitled to. I'm unable to get any clear justification from their side for their actions instead they only delay each and every process. I would like to be advised as I want to be compensated for the injustice and financial harassment I've been put through in all these months with them. Please provide me your valuable suggestion.'

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