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Advice is requested on family disputeAdvice is requested on family dispute

Family »Posted 3 Jun 2020 Post Answer

legal question My brother is Pakistani national got married with a Pakistani lady in UK He was studying and residing at that time.she was resident of Bahrain and later after marriage she got Bahraini nationality. They were living happily and my brother shifted to Bahrain from UK for her. Now they have 2 kids. My sister in Law she was so aggressive and abusive and they were used to fight and my brother slapped her and abused her too because of her actions.she is so careless mother,careless wife.he always try to give best to his family. Not involved in other activities no more friends. Doesn't Smoke,drink or extra marital affair he is loyal husband and a father. Kids go to British school for best education.
Now she has become more abusive and rude all the time she taunts and threats him e.g
- I will call police to put you in jail
- I will never let you leave Bahrain
- I will screw you and your whole family
- I am Bahraini. where you are right now its because of me. you are nothing just a piece of trash
- She even abuse our family as well.
My brother is not reacting on anything and fulfilling his duty as a father and as a head of family. Now she has started demanding divorce and also threat him if you will divorce me i will never let you go out of the country and all. He has lost his self esteem,self respect and moral. He is so heart broken.

I want to have a legal opinion on this what he can do? he tried his best to make everything settle down but now day by day things are getting worst. he has recorded all the conversation (Urdu Language). Kindly guide me what he can do.

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